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Network TV Consulting in Brazil 

Globo TV Logo5/4/2018 — US TV Production — I just returned from 10 days in Brazil, brought there by GLOBO, the gigantic Brazilian TV and news conglomerate that is part studio, part network, part publishing empire and fully engaged in the production and distribution of TV and news in Brazil. They have a huge operation there, with their four big shows being four one-hour telenovelas that air each weeknight at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

When I say big shows, what I mean is that the average viewing audience for each show is approximately 100,000,000 viewers. Yes, the zeroes are correct, that’s one hundred million viewers per show, per night. It is an astounding operation with an astounding viewership.

So what would a Brazilian TV outfit that seemingly has a pretty well-run production model need with me and my three co-consultants (Deborah Calla, Charles Howard and Megan Mascena Gaspar)? Well, their current development, production and distribution model is somewhat like the old Hollywood studio system, in that they own everything needed to make their shows (from costumes to sets, to lighting and camera equipment), and have nearly everyone they need to create and produce these shows working for them, on staff,  full time. There are really very few freelancers working for Globo. So they have buildings full of writers and directors and producers, as well as all the below-the-line personnel, spread out over their huge campus. There have 10 stages (and three or four more being constructed, some 36 exterior sets and most everything else one needs to make TV shows, from their 13,000 employees to their full-on post facilities through to an amazing studio campus.

It seems, though, that in their forward-looking business model, that they want to explore how other countries produce TV, so they have built an education sysytem for their employees, bringing in outsdie experts from around the world. Me and my three consulting partners were invited to fly to Rio de Janiero and share with them how we do US TV production. The Globo group (of about 65 employees) were eager to learn, eager to share ideas and very generous with showing how they do their work, which was really great. We learned as much as we shared, and everyone walked away with a greater understanding of how TV works around the world.

My colleagues and I are available to travel anywhere, to help networks, studios, governments and institutions better understand the US TV model, and we can build a curriculum to fit whatever needs there may be out there. We have taught and traveled around the world, including Denmark, the UK, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Jordan, Monte Carlo, Spain, France, etc., and would love to help you and/or your country out.  

Please contact me for further details, resumes and past presentations and seminars we’ve done, if you’re interested in our services.