Script Proofreading & Formatting

Help With Proofreading & Formatting Your Television Pilot, Series Spec or Other Script

Script Proofreading & Formatting

If you need professional help with proofreading for your script (correcting typos, misspellings, grammar, action cleanup, etc.), this is the right page for you. If your script is in need of correct formatting, which is a must for any production company, studio, agency, network or other submissions, then I can help you there, as well.


It happens to all of us. No matter how many times we check and double check a script, sometimes something will just be off and it will not be apparent to you. It’s almost like you become “typo blind”, wherein no matter how closely you look, there is a mistake, whether it’s spelling, typos, grammar and punctuation, a missing word… you name it, it can go wrong. It often takes a former English major to become that really annoying teacher we all had who went nuts on our pages in high school, marking every little thing that was wrong. Sometimes you actually want someone like that and, more importantly, need someone like that.

I can be your 11th-grade English teacher, and help you get rid of all those tiny problems. Because, believe it or not, I’m convinced that most script readers and development execs were teacher’s pets for the English teachers in high school, and those mistakes drive them crazy. I can help you avoid that secret judgment we all receive when a script is in need of a good proofreader. I have been annoying writers for years with my picky commas, quote mark fixes and typo corrections. Although don’t get me started on the Oxford comma, you can probably tell where I fall in that fight, based on this page alone!


A script that is not properly formatted could be judged quite poorly by a development exec and script reader. Of course, formatting is not the key to a compelling story and it won’t solve your character issues in the second act. But a properly formatted script becomes easier and faster to read and shows that you are a professional. Everything from Scene Headings, Action, Character Names, to Dialogue, Transitions, Parentheticals, etc., need to be formatted properly for your script to be taken seriously. Once again, the former English major (and TV professional) here can help you.

The Service

I read every page, fixing typos, grammar (except in dialogue — I’m assuming you want your characters to talk a certain way), spelling errors, punctuation, etc. Your script is also correctly formatted. For anything that I have questions on, a note is placed for you to decide what needs to be done.

Script Length

As mentioned on other pages, script length counts, especially on this page!

The costs below are for the standard 10-day turnaround (10 business days). 

  • 1-30 Pages: $300
  • 31-60 Pages: $450
  • 61-120 Pages: $600

For anything above 120 pages, please contact me.

For RUSH service (24-48 hours turnaround), the cost is an additional $200 per package.

  • Rush 1-30 Pages: $400
  • Rush 31-60 Pages: $550
  • Rush 61-120 Pages: $700

For anything above 120 pages, please contact me.

Please submit all scripts in Final Draft (highly preferable) or Word or Pages format. Please submit scripts by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Once you have purchased a consultation, I will be in touch to A) obtain your pertinent documents and/or B) if the consultation is a call or includes a call, to schedule it when it's convenient for you. Consultation calls can be via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Skype video. Not all consultations include a call, some are only done via documents and written notes. By using this site you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site.