Real Words From Real People About Tim

Testimonials About Tim’s Consultations


These are testimonials from real people who’ve worked with Tim on furthering their knowledge of TV, their TV careers and/or their scripts.

Tim offered me help when I was wanting to learn more about scripted television. I was writing and developing a comedy and a drama at the time, and was seeking guidance with both projects. He was gracious enough to spend time giving me advice on writing, pitching and development, which elevated my understanding. This was an invaluable experience for me. Tim is honest, straightforward, kind, and naturally funny.

— Laura Burnett, TV Producer

It’s been an honor to have Tim as a mentor since 2008 when I first met him through the Producer’s Guild. He’s provided career counsel to me ever since. Be it about helping me decide regarding specific job opportunities or how to get a creative idea out to the market, Tim provides additional details about the industry and even goes so far to research the companies, major players and gives solid feedback to make choices easier and more digestible. Over the years, he’s been a guiding light in this nutty lil biz. While working together, he led a strong production and encouraged me to supervise the series by giving me the insight and knowledge for smart execution. I’m now even luckier to have him as a producer on a feature project. I couldn’t ask for a smarter, funnier and reliable friend and mentor!

— Johanna Vanderspool, Executive Producer/Director

Tim was an inspiring mentor to me! I received great career advice on the development process, TV production and post. He kindly made time to meet with me while in production on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and patiently answered the many questions I had.

What I valued most was that Tim has worn many different TV hats so when he looks at a script or production situation, he quickly gets to the bottom line to make informed decisions.

He’s got so much experience and is a super cool guy — a real comedy TV resource! I’m so fortunate to be able to call him a mentor.

— Ali B., EVP, Development