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TV Industry Consultation


Any kind of consultation, other than Career, Writing, Pitching or Script, can be gained here. From general to specific information, whether it’s about preproduction, production or post production, or budgeting, scheduling, and hiring of employees, or about the business in general, or for a specific topic that does not fit neatly into any of the other consultation tracks, this may be your best option. My rates are by-the-hour and the consultation can be done via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Skype.

These consultations work best if you organize your thoughts and questions ahead of time, so as to not waste any of your time while we’re in session. Feel free to send me your general areas of interest for the consultation, ahead of time, by emailing them to me once you’ve purchased a session.

You can start with as little as one hour… to as much as you need:

    • One hour: $300
    • Two hours: $600
    • Three hours: $900
    • Additional hours beyond three: $300 per hour.

If you would like to discuss what you are looking for, so that we can figure out how much time you may need and what your goals are, please contact me with a brief description of what you want to accomplish. This includes Expert Witness and Speaker opportunities. If you don’t know what you need, but you know where you want to be, then you might start with a one-hour session. Many people can get great clarity as to how to improve their career with a one hour session.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Once you have purchased a consultation, I will be in touch to A) obtain your pertinent documents and/or B) if the consultation is a call or includes a call, to schedule it when it's convenient for you. Consultation calls can be via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Skype video. Not all consultations include a call, some are only done via documents and written notes. By using this site you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site.